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Artisanal Chocolate-Making Comes to You

Bring the magic of fine craft chocolatiering

to your event venue

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Our Off-Site  Experience of 1-3 Hours for

30 to 1000 Guests


Are you looking to add a unique, memorable and deliciously entertaining activity to your event?

Voilà Chocolat Concept by Christophe brings the fun and excitement of artisanal chocolatiering to your

event or party.

Surprise and delight your guests by offering them the unique opportunity to become hands-on chocolatiers, and create their own beautiful gourmet chocolate truffles. They can savor them on the spot or package them in our attractive craft truffle boxes.

Our experienced chocolatiers will  teach your guests how to use professional tools and authentic chocolatiering techniques to make the finest artisanal chocolates – an experience they are guaranteed to remember forever.

We will provide a premium selection of fine-flavored truffle centers, hand-made by our award-winning

Master Chocolatier, Christophe Toury.






Your guests will use top-quality tempered chocolate couverture, a variety of gourmet toppings, and even salts, spices and edible glitter, to create and decorate their artisanal truffles.

We can even print your logo (or any image) on chocolate plaquettes, so you and your guests can create uniquely branded and

customized chocolates.

The result will be: the best chocolates anyone at the party has ever tasted – and the happiest guests you have ever entertained.

Make Your Own Chocolate Truffles.png

Make 1, 2 or 3 Chocolate Truffles per guest (No Packaging included)

Make 4 Chocolate Truffles per guest (Packaging included)

Make 9 Chocolate Truffles per guest (Packaging included)


Off Site event includes staffing, chocolatiers, equipment, setup,

chocolate, toppings, packaging and delivery.



Chocolate is the quintessential guilty-pleasure impulse item.

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