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Chocolate Field Trips

Great for Schools, community Groups, Scout Troops and Summer Camps

  • Learn the fascinating history and origins of chocolate.

  • How and where cacao grown - the cacao harvesting process - drying - shipping

  • How chocolate is made

  • Tasting white, milk and dark, nibs and 100% chocolate

  • Why Tempering chocolate 

  • Make your own chocolate bar with sprinkles

  • Each participant takes home their creations 


     Time: 30-45 minutes

     Group size: 12 to 40 
     Price: $25.00 per participant. 

We Deliver Educational Chocolate Classes to Your School 

Prezi Presentation 

We are using the interactive Prezi platform to translate our chocolate story and vision into life.


You are what you eat! Teach kids about nutrition and sustainable farming practices with our on-the-go Chocolate Lab.

This hands-on educational experience is fun (and delicious) for all ages!

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