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Artisanal Chocolate Buffet

Indulge your guests
 Add a touch of decadence and enhance your special day
or event with one of the best chocolate truffles
you've ever tasted

3 cups


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Creme brûlée 

Peanut Butter PopRock

Lemon Zest

Select Which Truffle Flavors

Lemon Zest

Choose your Flavor

An Exquisite selection of mouth watering premium artisanal chocolate magnificently presented
on a natural wood stand. 
This is the ultimate presentation which will create an everlasting impression on 
your guests and will be remembered and talked about long after the event itself.

"Christophe Toury combines the creativity, finesse and skill of a chef with the precision and attention to detail of an architect. His creations elevate any event; they are beautiful to look at and even more delightful to eat. Having his beautiful, handmade truffles at my launch party added a whole new element to the party - a stunning display that pleased all my guests!"

— Rosa Barney, Founder of Me First.

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