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Your Vision, In Chocolate

Are you looking to custom a chocolate project,


Custom chocolate is an ideal and memorable promotional tool. we provide the highest quality custom chocolates for corporate events, promotions, gifts, weddings and occasions of all kinds

No project is too big or too small

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Pricing & Timing

Pricing – How Much Does a Custom chocolate Project Cost?

The price will vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the project. We individually quote every custom chocolate project, and provide you with a detailed estimate in writing so there are no surprises.

Timing – When Will the Chocolat Project be Available?


Most projects are completed in timely fashion to meet dateline, however more time will help your project get completed on time.

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Tiffany & Co Chocolate Project

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The options are only limited

by your imagination

Create Something Truly Unique

Driven by craftsmanship. Our custom work pushes the limits of design, hones our craft, and fills our desire to create.

Each handmade project is met with precision and attention to detail.

Submit your custom project today.

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